Women in Construction – CREW Member Kathleen Buono’s Story

October 20, 2020

Kathleen Buono is one of Perlo’s powerhouse Project Managers. As the child of a real estate developer, Kathleen was exposed to the real estate industry from a young age, but her path to Perlo and construction project management wasn’t a straight path. We took some time to sit down and find out more about her story.

Tell us how you got into construction and what you did prior to this career?
I was a commercial real estate appraiser for 18 years prior to working for Perlo, and I actually have a degree in History. Well into my appraisal career, I was looking for a change, but it was during the last recession, so I stayed longer than I wanted to.

I started doing informational interviews with people I trusted about what their jobs were like to figure out what I could do next. I started looking at finance, business, property management, and real estate development. Over drinks at a baby shower for a fellow CREW (Commercial Real Estate for Women) member, I got to talking with Elissa Looney about what she does in construction, and she said she’d be happy to talk to me. We met up for coffee and talked about skillsets for project managers and there were a lot of overlaps there. A few months later she called me and offered me a job at Perlo.

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