Whitney Barlow

Member Spotlight

Company: Intertek-PSI
How did you first hear about CREW Portland?
I have been part of CREW for years now and started in LA when I first got into Environmental Consulting
What motivated you to join CREW Portland?
Networking, Business Development, Be a voice for women in Commercial Real Estate
How did you get here?
I went to school for Environmental Studies and Urban Planning, and found myself lost as to what I could do with my degree. I got hired at a smaller firm in LA for marketing, and then eventually used my science degree for a more technical position. As time went on I gravitated toward development and making sure it is environmentally sound. Now I try and help as many people as possible to make sure the health of the people and the environment are taken into consideration. As a Department Manager, I like to find as many fun jobs in different locations around the PNW.
Tell us something we didn't know about you?
I own over 20+ houseplants and love to go camping.
If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Favorite Travel Destination?
Anywhere with water - Mexico's beaches, Canada's lakes, and PNW's rivers
What is one goal you would like to achieve through CREW?
I would love to make connections with women to see if I can help their projects be environmentally focused while saving money in the long run. Environmental issues are very important in the development/due diligence process, and I want it to be known.