Paige Tisdale

Member Spotlight

Company: Dennis' 7 Dees - Urban Plantscapes
How did you first hear about CREW Portland?
Networking at other organizations. Through people who attended CREW events; suggesting to go to the CorksCREW event.
What motivated you to join CREW Portland?
Networking, Business Development, Meet Inspiring People, Volunteer, Be a voice for women in Commercial Real Estate. CREW is also the most organized and productive networking group I have come across in Portland. Elevated networking with the expectation of helping everyone further their careers.
How did you get here?
I have worked in the green industry for 6 years from golf courses, to plant shops to gardening for restaurant use. I received my Bachelors degree in Horticulture and my first job brought me to Portland for commercial landscaping with LandCare. Through networking, I was able to meet the Urban Plantscapes team and fell in love with their type of interior plants and d├ęcor line of work and made the switch at the right time.
Tell us something we didn't know about you?
I originally was studying Classical Vocal performance in college, and studying Music most of my life, including piano, cello, and bassoon.
If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Vibrant | Adventurous | Organized
Favorite Travel Destination?
Europe or Alaska
What is one goal you would like to achieve through CREW?
Building strong relationships with powerhouse women, in the hopes of becoming like them; while also creating business for my company.