Madyson Moorman

Member Spotlight

Company: Walen, Project Engineer
How did you first hear about CREW Portland?
My company (Walen Construction) had heard about it and recommended that I join.
What motivated you to join CREW Portland?
As someone who is just getting her footing in the professional world after graduation, I thought it would be a great networking opportunity, and way to expand my knowledge.
How did you get here?
In December of 2023 I completed interviews for job after college and started at Walen part time while finishing school shortly after. In June of 2024 I graduated from Oregon State University and continued working and moved to full time.
Tell us something we didn't know about you?
In my free time I enjoy going camping, and riding at the dunes.
If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Motivated, Dedicated, Happy
Favorite Travel Destination?
This year for new year's I am traveling to Paris for 8 days.
What is one goal you would like to achieve through CREW?
Through my membership in CREW I hope to meet new people and build meaningful and beneficial relationships.