Jeanie Kirkpatrick Kuypers

Member Spotlight

Company: Cambia Health Solutions
How did you first hear about CREW Portland?
Through Julie Gibson at PSU.
What motivated you to join CREW Portland?
Business Development, Meet Inspiring People. As an end user on the Corporate Real Estate side, I enjoy meeting all the women representing so many aspects of the industry. Their knowledge and enthusiasm is inspiring.
How did you get here?
From business product development to project management, an opportunity to be the owner representative in a large project was the starting point. Once you get a taste of the industry, you can't turn away.
Tell us something we didn't know about you?
I'm learning to play the ukulele.
If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Creative | Empathetic | Strategic
Favorite Travel Destination?
Too many to mention.
What is one goal you would like to achieve through CREW?
Surround myself with inspiring women.
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