Our CREW Member Elaine Aye was Honored as an Icon by the DJC

December 18, 2018

Our CREW Member Elaine Aye was honored as an Icon by the DJC at their Phenoms & Icons Awards on Thursday, December 13th.

Elaine Aye is an Associate and Regional Manager with RWDI USA. Elaine is one of the driving forces behind Portland’s notoriety as a sustainable city.  With an architecture background, Elaine consults on green building practices. But often times her work extends beyond that, offering clients expertise on wellness, resiliency, creating social responsibility goals and connecting employees to nature. Eilene has actually helped create a lot of the sustainability goals we work towards through her involvement with LEED, serving as a member of the LEED-CI Core Committee, and as a faculty and fellow of the organization. She also helped form the Green Sports Alliance, which promotes sustainable sports facilities around the country, with the Moda Center serving as a prime example. Congratulations, Elaine! http://djcoregon.com/news/2018/12/14/2018-phenoms-icons/

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