Our CREW Member Brittney Herrera was Honored as a Phenom by the DJC

December 18, 2018

Our CREW Member Brittney Herrera was honored as a Phenom by the DJC at their Phenoms & Icons Awards on Thursday, December 13th.

Brittney Herrera the Principal and Director of Design at HBX Studio. Brittney says that illustrating a company’s culture through design in interesting and unique ways is one of her favorite parts of her job. This is typified by an instance when she hid a message in code on a wallcovering of one of her projects and her client held a companywide contest to decode it once the project was complete. Due to this, it’s no coincidence that culture-forward organizations like Google, Adidas and Harvard’s Kennedy School, just to name a few, have hired her for their projects. In fact, she’s delivered more than five million square feet of Class A office space in her career. Brittney’s work often extends beyond design, where she helps her clients implement culture changes that provide employees better balance, and ultimately makes them happier and more productive. While Brittney spends a lot of her free time outside of work involved in industry and community organizations, she says she always tries to practice what she preaches, living a balanced life and keeping the evenings free for family time. Congratulations, Brittney.   http://djcoregon.com/news/2018/12/14/2018-phenoms-icons/

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