February Luncheon

February 13th 2014
Time: 11:45 am
Location: Multnomah Athletic Club

The Lloyd Superblock Project:
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Hassalo on Eighth is a mixed-use, high-density development located in Portland's Lloyd District and one of Portland's largest current developments.  With 592,616 square feet of housing, 59,287 square feet of retail, 271,582 square feet of office, and 1,200 parking stalls, this project will be Portland's first residential development to achieve LEED Platinum for New Construction and LEED Platinum for Neighborhood Development within an eco-district framework.

Kyle Andersen, the lead designer for Hassalo on Eighth, will discuss the economic, financial and social contexts that dictated the complex design and ultimately made this project possible.  Don't miss this fantastic case study on how we can continue to keep Portland at the forefront of environmental solutions that are economically viable.

An Oregon native, Kyle Andersen is a principal at GBD architects, and he has been a lead designer there for 19 years.  Kyle attended Oregon School of Design, University of Oregon, and UPC / ETSAB in Barcelona, Spain.

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