Portland Business Journal Advertising

Have you considered advertising in the CREW member ad in the Portland Business Journal, and just haven't pulled the trigger yet? Or are you a new member?

Then NOW is the time to take that next step and become part of this highly discounted, highly effective ad campaign. For just $119 per month (with no annual commitment!), this should be an easy amount to  have approved by the “powers that be”.

When you advertise in the Portland Business Journal, you're reaching that elusive Business Journal audience of business decision-makers and wealthy individuals.


“When you're in the Portland Business Journal, you're seen by the top business leaders in Portland.  We advertise in the CREW ad in the Business Journal as part of our overall marketing strategy. It serves as a reminder to our clients and contacts. We even have calls from contacts who refer to the ads.” – Debbie Kitchin, Interworks LLC

For more information and to reserve your space, please email or call Audrey R. Smith at arosenblum@bizjournals.com or 503-219-3431.


This is a members only benefit!